• Jerry Schiano
    President & CEO
    New Penn Financial
  • Diane Pendley
    Managing Director Operational Risk Group, Structured Finance
    Fitch Ratings
  • Bill Glascow
    SVP Loan Servicing
  • Mike Vranos
    Founder & CEO
    Ellington Management Group
  • Ali Haralson
    COO and Founding Member
    Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC
  • Mike Vranos
    Founder & CEO
    Ellington Management Group
  • John Vella
    Executive Vice President
  • Jerry Schiano
    President & CEO
    New Penn Financial
"I can always count on him to deliver." ... Continue»

Jerry Schiano
President & CEO
New Penn Financial

"Solid industry resource, extremely well connected." ... Continue»

Diane Pendley
Managing Director Operational Risk Group, Structured Finance
Fitch Ratings

"I've chosen to use rick exclusively." ... Continue»

Bill Glascow
SVP Loan Servicing

"I can depend on Rick." ... Continue»

Mike Vranos
Founder & CEO
Ellington Management Group

"His expertise is critical." ... Continue»

Ali Haralson
COO and Founding Member
Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC

"A valuable resource, well connected." ... Continue»

Mike Vranos
Founder & CEO
Ellington Management Group

"Honesty, integrity, and work ethic… trusted partner." ... Continue»

John Vella
Executive Vice President

"He executes… and doesn't waste my time." ... Continue»

Jerry Schiano
President & CEO
New Penn Financial

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Why RT Glass

Why all clients have become repeat clients:

  • Process; A Transparent Comprehensive Process that Delivers
  • The right Targets; Research with no excuses; Rooted in strategically leveraging finest most up to date research, coupled with real time market intelligence directly from industry leadership
  • Accountable; Boutique and innovative practice with single point of contact accountable to execute and deliver.
  • Approach; Customized and calculated search strategy fully integrated into fundamental search work flow, against disciplined performance triggers.
  • Transparency; results of each step communicated and reported in periodic status summaries supported by detailed spreadsheets.

Clients' Reaction

“His integrity follow through and execution has made Rick a trusted partner to our organization." Mark O'Brien, Executive Vice President Organizational Development, Nationstar

I’ve retained Rick repeatedly”… “I know that I can always count on him to deliver. He executes a comprehensive time-sensitive process, dials in to the market place, and represents our interest well. He understands our culture and doesn’t waste my time.”  Jerry Schiano, CEO New Penn Financial

“When the situation requires external searches to fill critical management positions, I have chosen to use Rick Glass exclusively for such recruiting based upon his success record of locating and pursuing the top talent in our industry” Bill Glasgow, President & CEO, Glascow Mortgage Advisors, Former EVP OneWest Bank 09-13

“I know I can depend on Rick to locate talent and provide market intelligence.  He doesn’t waste my time.”  Mike Vranos, Founder & CEO Ellington Management Group,..known by many as the “most powerful man on Wall Street,” and according to the Wall Street Journal, also regarded as “the best-known mortgage-bond trader on Wall Street”

“Rick demonstrated that he understands the marketplace, knows who is who in the mortgage space and didn’t waste our time. We developed a partnership and he was brutally honest, which helped tremendously. I especially liked his almost immediate accessibility”Georg Richter, President, COO Guthy-Renker and Vice Chairman, Paramount Equity  

“Not only did he acquire a stellar candidate who has been excelling at RDN, but his scientific approach and thorough pre-screening were so impressive that I was given permission to use Rick for any future management search." Cam Melchiorre, CEO HOPE LoanPort


What distinguishes R.T. Glass?

Unmatched Industry Involvement

Assembled Industry Leadership developed executive sessions, and Moderated 17 Annual National Industry Conferences: from Originations through Secondary Marketing and Loan Servicing:

Mortgage Banking Research utilized by:

National Bureau of Economic Research
Paul M. Montrone; Professor of Finance and Economics, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
Joseph R. Mason; Assistant Professor of Finance, Drexel University

Assembled industry leading executives and moderated the following Keynote Sessions at National Conferences

2013 MBA Annual National Servicing Conference, “Post Crisis Mortgage Servicing; A Seismic Shift” February 2013, Dallas, TX

2011 Source Media/National Mortgage News, 5th Annual Mortgage Servicing Conference,“Finding Opportunity & Operational Excellence Despite the Storm” Executive roundtable session, April 2011, Dallas TX 

2010 Source Media/National Mortgage News, 4th Annual Mortgage Servicing Conference,“The Future of Loan Servicing” Executive roundtable session, April 2010, Dallas TX

2010 MBA Annual National Mortgage Servicing Conference, “Challenges and Opportunities for Special Servicers” February 2010, San Diego CA

2009 MBA National Mortgage Servicing Conference, “Special Servicer Dynamics” February 2009, Tampa, FL

2008 Source Media 2nd Annual Subprime Symposium Conference, “Weathering the Storm: How to Reposition Your Servicing Platform to Succeed in Today’s Environment, April 2008, Dallas TX

2007 Source Media Annual Subprime Symposium Conference, “Leading Mortgage Servicers Through Turbulent Times” May, 2007, Las Vegas, NV

2006 Source Media Annual Subprime Symposium Conference, Moderated keynote “What’s Next? As Servicers Get Ready for the Reset Wave”, May, 2006, Las Vegas, NV

2006 MBA National Mortgage Servicing Conference, “Repositioning Nonprime Servicing”February 2006 Phoenix, AZ

2005 Source Media Subprime Symposium Conference, “Leadership Challenges Beyond the Boom” November 2005 Miami, FL

2005 Source Media 2nd Annual Subprime Symposium Conference, “Strategies for success in 2005 and beyond” May 2005 Las Vegas, NV

2005 MBA National Mortgage Servicing Conference,“New Horizons for Nonprime Servicing” February 2005 Orlando, FL

2004 MBA National Mortgage Servicing Conference,“As the Landscape in Non Prime Mortgage Servicing Sector Dramatically Shifts, How are industry leaders Engineering Quality and driving value.” February 2004 San Diego, CA

2003 MBA National Secondary Marketing Conference, “Survival Strategies of the industry leaders as the lines between Prime and Non Prime Mortgage Banking Blur.” April 2003 New York, NY

2003 Management Recruiters International Annual CSAM Leadership Conference featured speaker “Best Practices Search and Selection,” March 2003 New Orleans, LA

2001 HILA Annual Conference, featured speaker “Best Practices Search, Selection, Retention” February 2001 Palm Springs, CA

1999 MBA Annual Nonconforming Mortgage Conference,” Panelist: “Survival Techniques of Industry Leaders” January, 1999 New Orleans, LA

1998 MBA Annual Convention, Panelist “Staying ahead in wholesale lending” October, 1998 Chicago, IL

1998 MBA National Human Resource Conference Featured speaker “Incentive Plan Design” April, 1998 Orlando, FL 


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In the News

   Rick Glass Publications & Press:
  • DS NEWS, March 26, 2014 “Employment Cuts Reflect Changes in Mortgage Industry” 
  • Mortgage Markets Today, March 19 Feature “Industry Employment” Radio Show
  • MReport, M Feature; “Got Jobs? Mortgage Banking’s Employment Situation.” February 2013
  • Mortgage Orb, “Who’s Getting Hired In Mortgage Banking?” October 2012
  • Mortgage Servicing News, May 16, 2009 “Special Servicing's New Talent Model”
  • Servicing Management, “Servicing’s New Talent Model”, June 2009
  • Servicing Management, September 2008-Business Strategies- “Servicing Survival”
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  • Managing REO, Feature “Market Gets More Transparent” June 2008
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  • Home Equity News, “Displaced Senior Executives Finding New Jobs In Lending” July 2, 2007
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  • Origination News, June 22, 2007, “Talent Needs Have Shifted”
  • Mortgage Servicing News, March 2007, “Rising Delinquencies Spur Demand For Default Skills”
  • National Mortgage News, February 12, 2007 “Now Hiring, Signs Still Up For Servicers”
  • Mortgage Technology, December 14, 2006 “The New CIO” part 1, and December 21, 2006, part 2
  • Servicing News, June 2005, “Nonprime Growth Requires Leaders with the Right Stuff”
  • Secondary Marketing Executive, March 2005, and Equity Journal, “In The Nonprime Neighborhood, Having The Right Human Resources is Vital”, February/March 2005
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  • Mortgage Banking, April 1996, “Newcomers to Nonconforming”
  • Broker, “A Meeting of the Minds” July 2006
  • Home Equity News, “Executive Compensation Drops 6% in 2005” June 5, 2006  
  • Equity Journal, “Repositioning Nonprime Servicing” May/June 2006 
  • Mortgage Servicing News Bulletin “Glass: Subprime Servicing Sector Needs Strong Leadership” April 25, 2006
  • Mortgage Servicing News, “Panelist: Nonprime Going Mainstream” February 17, 2006
  • Home Equity News, “Exec Comp. Growth Slows in ’04; Study” September 26, 2005 cover
  • Equity Journal, “NHEMA’S Leaders Set Course for New Fiscal Year” July/August 2005
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  • Origination News, “Nonconforming Wholesale Salaried Show Uniformity”, March 1996.
  • Inside Mortgage Finance, “B & C Lenders Optimistic about 1996”, February 16, 1996.